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High Peak Junction

Free admission
High Peak Junction workshops
High Peak Junction Railway Workshops – Free admission

Visitors can now visit High Peak Junction railway workshops, near Cromford without an admission charge. We are confident that these are the oldest surviving railway workshops in the world, they have changed very little since the 1800’s, the photo is from circa 1880. More visitors to the World Heritage Site will be able to learn about the fascinating heritage of the Cromford and High Peak Railway.  In the workshops visitors can discover:

  • the story of one of the world’s first long distance railways
  • a railway developed before Stephenson’s rocket
  • with waggons pulled by horses
  • a railway with 9 steep incline gradients
  • a railway linking 2 canals

There will still be a charge for the informative audio tour but have reduced the price to only £1.

PS the man second from the left in the photo is William Hallows who had a wooden right leg following an accident on the railway, where he worked from Sept 1856 to March 1904.

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