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Vital Valley Evaluation

Invitation to Tender: Vital Valley Scheme Evaluation

The Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site (DVMWHS) is looking for a consultant to support monitoring and evaluating the Vital Valley scheme over the coming two and a half years.

Vital Valley is a programme designed to inspire and enable people to have a sense of pride in and belonging to the DVMWHS. Running between 2018 and 2020, Vital Valley is the next step in engaging people in the uniqueness of culture and heritage of the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire. The industrial heritage of innovation and making will inspire arts, culture and heritage at the heart of the World Heritage Site. The Derwent Valley Mills is the only World Heritage Site in the East Midlands.

Vital Valley is funded as a Great Place Scheme, a partnership between the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England and supported by Historic England. Vital Valley is the only Great Place Scheme focused on a World Heritage Site.

The aim of the research and report is to:

  • Provide evidence of the difference that the Great Place Scheme has made in the DVMWHS.
  • Show clear links between the activities, outputs, outcomes and beneficiaries of the Great Place Scheme.
  • Tell the story of Vital Valley and its impact on the future of the DVMWHS.

The commissioning of an external evaluator is expected to offer a different viewpoint, offer ideas and knowledge, challenge staff and partners to deliver a highly effective programme of activities and to be able to impartially collect information.

Full details of the opportunity can be obtained from Tom Greenwood at

Questions can be asked of Beki Howey at from 21st May.

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday 12th June 2018 at 11am.

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