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Landscape Projects

Darley and Nutwood Tip LNR
Darley and Nutword Tip LNR Restoration Plan

The Darley and Nutwood Tip LNR Restoration Plan looked to restore, manage and protect the grassland on the reserve by clearing scrub, providing fencing and stock handling facilities on the main field and providing fencing on the northern boundary.

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Willersley Castle Landscape restoration
Willersley Castle Landscape Restoration

Willersley Castle Landscape Restoration project consisted of producing and implementing a management plan for the parkland

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Milford Plantation
Milford Plantation

Milford Plantation project trained owners to manage the woodland, repair dry stone walls, reinstate historic paths and interpretation of the historical landscape in relation to the industrial revolution

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Saving the view
Saving the View

Saving the view in Darley Park along the river corridor to re-engage users or the park with the river and mills

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opening up iconic views
Opening up Iconic Views

Opening up iconic views projects aimed to conserve existing views and reveal lost views focussing on Scarthin Rock in the first year and other locations in the lower Derwent Valley in subsequent years

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Darley park CMP
Darley Park Conservation Management Plan

Darley Park Conservation Management Plan and encompassing other associated open spaces and historic sites to inform the application for Green Flag status for Darley Park

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