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Sci-Fi Saturday

Sat 14th Aug
Sci-Fi Saturday
Sci-Fi Saturday at Cromford Mills

An intergalactic display of models, props, puppets and costumes from classic Sci-Fi productions of Gerry Anderson, Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Star Trek…and beyond!

The 2021 event will feature:

David Sisson’s collection of model vehicles, puppets and props from TV shows such as ‘Thunderbirds’, ‘Captain Scarlet’, ‘Terrahawks’ and ‘Space Precinct’, both custom-made reproductions and original items filmed at the studios. (Assisted by Alison Thorn).

Simon Rhodes’ collection of original costumes from ‘Star Trek Voyager’.

Richard Ashton’s (of ‘It’s an Ashton’ models) display of custom made model kits and scratch built models from SF films, such as ‘Star Wars’, ‘Firefly’ and ‘Back to the Future’.

Gary Holland’s stunning collection of original costumes from the BBC television series ‘Blake’s 7’, featuring iconic clothing designs worn by the series lead stars.

From ‘Doctor Who’, Scott Goodman will appear in full costume during he day as Jon Pertwee’s the Third Doctor, bringing with him his arch-nemesis a Dalek.

James Burgess, a costume and prop designer (James and his monsters – creature artist), will be displaying some of his amazing sculptures and recreations from the worlds of ‘Doctor Who’.

Mamas Pitsillis and Linda Ianson (Studio 2 Models) will be operating radio-controlled replica vehicles from the Gerry Anderson TV series ‘UFO’ and ‘Stingray’.

Bob and Sue Bailey will be bringing along a display from the Gerry Anderson series ‘Fireball XL5’, including the star of the show, Steve Zodiac, which is the oldest known surviving complete hero puppet!

For those wishing to purchase something on the day, Tony Freeman will be offering a range of his Sci-Fi collectables on the sales tables.

Venue: Cromford Mills
Time: 10am to 4pm
Admission Free

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