The Derwent Valley Mills and Their Communities

Front cover of Derwent Valley Mills and their Communities

ISBN: 978-0-9541940-0-0

Price: £18.00

This recently reprinted lavishly illustrated book tells the story of the historic events during the 18th century which took place between Matlock Bath and Derby in the Derwent Valley as the new factory system was born and took shape.

The mills at Masson, Cromford, Belper, Milford, Darley Abbey and Derby are a daily reminder of how indelibly these first steps towards industrialisation have left their mark and shaped the landscape. But the factory system was as much about people as it was about inventions and factory buildings. The thousands of cottages in the former mill communities bear their own witness to the generations upon whose toil the factory system depended.

This book has its originations in the government’s nomination of the Derwent Valley Mills to UNESCO for World Heritage Status. The detailed evaluation of the historic importance of the area and inventory of the historic heritage assets created for this provide the basis for this publication.



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