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“Thread”: Open 2nd & 3rd November

Thread Re-opens this weekend


Thread: Re- Opens.

The power of last weekend’s rain, high levels of the River Derwent and subsequent flood of the basement here at the North Mill has meant that “Thread” has taken on a new form; where Seiko had created something structured and ordered, the power of the water has left a more disordered, chaotic arrangement. We are reminded of the challenges overcome by Jedediah and William Strutt 240 years ago as they were developing their Cotton Mills powered by this sometimes unpredictable source.

Seiko has said, “I was of course shocked to see with my own eyes the flooded basement, but at the same time I was amazed that power of nature can create such interesting chaos.”

We hope that you can take the opportunity to enjoy the experience this of beautiful and contemplative art and sound installation for the last time this weekend.

Massive thanks to the volunteers and trustees at the North Mill for working so hard to clean the basement and thanks for everyone’s messages of support, we know that Seiko has made many friends through her project in Belper.


Seiko’s artistic practice rings ever true!

‘Positive concepts derived from everyday life and nature influence my work. Nature has always inspired me. Its form, colour, sound, taste, texture excite and sometimes frighten me. I feel there is nothing equal to its magnificent power and pure beauty. The challenge to design alongside the power of nature will continue. I intend to create my works to present a moment of peace to a viewer who lives in our hectic world and to push the boundaries of textiles being perceived as craft.’  Seiko Kinoshita

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