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and surrounding area
Cromford Village pond
Cromford Community

In Cromford, North Street contains the first housing built to encourage families to come and live near and provide labour for a mill. A hotel and shops were created by Sir Richard Arkwright, and a market for the community which was regularly used for festivities.

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Visitor Gateway at Cromford Mills
Cromford Mills

The world's first successful water-powered cotton spinning mills, built by Sir Richard Arkwright between 1771 and 1791. Discover the birthplace of the factory system - where innovation and enterprise changed the world. Enjoy guided tours, exhibitions, refreshments and gift shops.

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Cromford Canal and High Peak Junction
Cromford Canal

The northern stretch of the canal lies within the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site and is an attractive visitor destination, with five miles to explore along the towpath. Because of the rich diversity of wildlife, the canal is designated as a site of special scientific interest. Work is carried out each year to keep the water open for the plants and insects which live in it, and to manage the banks.

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Masson Mills
Masson Mills

As the northern gateway to the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, Masson Mills have been sympathetically refurbished to continue life as a working textile museum, shopping village, licensed restaurant and conference and exhibition centre. The River Derwent continues to power the mills, now in the form of electricity generated by hydroelectric turbines.

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John Smedley
Lea Mills (John Smedley's Ltd)

The site has been owned by the Smedley family for over 225 years and has been operational throughout that time. It is the head office, manufacturing and distribution base for the luxury knitwear brand that is John Smedley. Visit the factory shop for a wide range of products including John Smedley's exclusive Sea Island cotton and Merino wool ranges.

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